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If you have a sofa, chair or suite of upholstered furniture that is looking a little worse for wear, our team at Ultimate Restoration Services is here to help. With our professional upholstery cleaning services, we can give your upholstered furniture a new lease of life so that it’s spotlessly clean and ready to use.

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Fine Fabrics Upholstery Cleaning Service

If your furniture is made of a more delicate material, such as white cotton, Indian cotton, calico or velour, it might seem like an impossible task to remove any dirt or stains without damaging the fabric.

Fear not, because at Ultimate Restoration Services, we have a wealth of experience in cleaning fabrics of all colours and textures, so you can rely on us to use our specialised equipment to achieve the very best results.

Our upholstery cleaning experts will take a close look at your piece of furniture to determine the best course of action without causing any yellowing or spotting, so you can rest assured that your valuable piece is in safe hands. Enquire online today!

Affordable Expert Upholstery Cleaning

At Ultimate Restoration Services, we’re committed to providing all of our customers with excellent cleaning services at a reasonable price.

Every single member of our experienced and friendly team is dedicated to meeting our exceptionally high-quality standards, so if you leave your treasured furniture piece with us, you can relax in the knowledge that it will be taken care of.

To request your free, no-obligation quote, all you have to do is give us a call or fill in our online form and we’ll let you know how long your cleaning job will take and how much it will cost, so you won’t be landed with a bill that you weren’t expecting!

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Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

At Ultimate Restoration Services, we only use powerful state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to clean a wide range of upholstered furniture pieces, depending on their condition.

The majority of upholstered lounge suites can be cleaned using our tried-and-tested steam cleaning technique, but if your furniture is in need of a deeper clean, we’ll use hot water extraction to lift away any stubborn stains or dirt while keeping the fabric intact.

This process works by forcing water at high pressure directly into upholstery fibres, dislodging any debris and dirt. The powerful vacuum then sucks the water back out of the fabric to remove any moisture.

If you live in Rockhampton or the surrounding areas and you’re looking for a local upholstery cleaning specialist, our team at Ultimate Restoration Services is here to provide you with affordable and reliable cleaning services that you can trust. Call us on 0419 266 161!

Get In Touch With Us

If you have any questions about our services or you’d like to book an appointment, give our upholstery cleaning professionals a call on 0419 266 161 or fill in our online contact form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we can.

Our team is not just upholstery experts but also specialise in carpet cleaningrugs, tiles, leathers and restoration & repair due to water damage from flood.

For more advanced carpet cleaning, we have made affordable packages to make things simple for you. Please contact us to know more about our Basic Carpet Cleaning and Value Pack Package.

An Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Rockhampton FAQs

You might think regular vacuuming’s enough to keep your upholstery clean, but this only removes superficial dust and won’t penetrate deeper into your upholstery. As a result, dust and other unpleasant substances can easily build up in your upholstery, making it look unsightly and potentially even causing a smell. Our professional upholstery cleaning services penetrate deep beneath the surface of your upholstery to remove tough dirt, bacteria and viruses. We can also remove any stubborn stains, refreshing the look and feel of your upholstery items.

Yes! With the thorough cleaning services we offer, we can successfully eradicate stains and odours. If you have pets, we recommend scheduling regular cleaning services with our friendly and professional team. Pets can leave a mess on your upholstery, which simple vacuuming won’t be able to remove. If you have any concerns about pet stains or odours and the processes we use to remove these from your upholstery, get in touch with our friendly team at Ultimate Restoration Services today.

It’s generally recommended you schedule a professional clean every 2-3 years if you live in a home with lighter traffic. If you have kids or pets at home, you might opt for a yearly clean with our expert team. We can recommend a particular cleaning frequency that’s suitable for your individual needs and requirements, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert staff.

When we clean your upholstery, we’ll treat each individual item with a specific cleaning approach. It usually takes between 6 and 12 hours for upholstery to dry, but this largely depends on the cleaning method we use. We’ll take the time to discuss our approach with you before we begin, so don’t hesitate to raise any concerns or queries you might have about our cleaning methods or the drying process.

There’s really no need. Our professional upholstery cleaners will vacuum with our specialised equipment when they arrive.

Our team at Ultimate Restoration Services is trained to clean a great range of upholstery fabrics, regardless of price and weight. We’re on hand to treat every fabric with the greatest care. We appreciate that each fabric requires a specialised approach, and so we tailor our services according to the particular job at hand. Whatever the job requirements, you can trust that with our expert and professional team your upholstery’s in the best possible hands.

At Ultimate Restoration Services, we guarantee all our work will be completed by our trained, reliable staff. If you have any concerns after we’ve finished the job and left your property, simply give us a call and we’ll clean any problem areas on your upholstery again at no extra cost to you.

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