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Want Your Leather Lounge Cleaned?
If leather is not properly cared for, it can often crack and dry out. We not only clean your leather, but we also utilise a special conditioning cream that gets deep down into the leather and brings life back into your leather lounge. Many of our clients can’t believe how soft their leather feels after we have conditioned their lounge using our special cleaning and conditioning creams. With Ultimate Restoration Services leather cleaning services, we make your sofas and couch feels like brand new.

Contact us today on 0419 266 161 and experience how a genuine leather cleaning specialist can bring life back into your leather lounge. For a totally clean home, view our carpet cleaning, pest control, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, or tile cleaning solutions.

professional cleaning leather in Rockhampton

Leather Cleaning Process

Upholstery cleaning involves a range of procedures and tools, along with professional expertise, to get the job done right. When your cleaning is performed correctly, you’ll see the vitality of your leather furnishing restored, and all dirt and staining removed. Our team at Ultimate Restoration Services takes great care to clean your leather furniture to the highest possible standard. Here’s how:

  • Inspection: Inspecting your furniture will give us a good understanding of your leather’s condition, and the areas we might need to concentrate on more specifically.
  • Dirt & dust removal: We’ll remove any superficial dust and dirt before starting our deeper clean.
  • Spot & stain treatment: Any visible spots and stains will also be removed before we use our special deep cleaning techniques.
  • Deep clean: Using our cleaning and conditioning creams, we’ll deeply penetrate your leather furniture to help it look and feel great once again.
  • Dry: We’ll make sure your furniture is dry and sanitised before we’re done.
  • Re-inspection: At the end of our jobs, we survey our work to make sure it’s been done to our professional standards.

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Look After Your Leather

Cleaning, protection, and professional advice is the perfect combination to maintaining the look and longevity of your leather furniture. Our team’s on hand to offer great suggestions on how you can keep your leather furnishings looking their best.

In between our visits, here’s what you can do to maintain the appearance and quality of your leather furniture.

  • Clean: Clean out your lounge, its internal parts, the walls of the lounge, and the spaces between cushions to get rid of dust and dirt.
  • Vacuum: Frequent vacuuming minimises the need to clean everything in one go. After you vacuum, wipe down your leather with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Household cleaning remedies: There are a few common household products you can use to get rid of stains. These include vinegar or essential oils for marker or pen stains; citrus and sour cream to remove food, tea and wine stains; and baking soda to get rid of stubborn grease. If you use baking soda, leave it for a few hours before vacuuming.
  • Use the right products: If non-leather products, like baby wipes or dishwashing detergent, are used on your leather furniture, the finish could suffer. Using these products encourages dirt to collect and the lacquer finish to be destroyed. And once the lacquer’s destroyed, your leather is vulnerable to cracks and even worse damage.
  • Protect: If you have kids or pets, protect your leather with a seat cover, blankets, or cotton textiles.

All of these at-home remedies work best as an accompaniment to professional cleaning with Ultimate Restoration Services. When you clean your leather with us, you’ll revive your furniture and keep it looking great for the long term. Book an appointment today!

professional leather cleaning Rockhampton

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Our leather cleaning service at Ultimate Restoration Services is backed by experienced, well-trained professional cleaners who take every care to clean thoroughly. We’re on hand to listen to your needs and requirements, and are passionate about the work we do.

Our cleaning team makes sure jobs are finished to the highest possible standard before we leave a property, so you can trust we won’t cut corners or rush to get the job done. Get in touch with us today!

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