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Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The experts at Ultimate Restoration Services can come to your home or commercial property in Yeppoon, to clean and disinfect your carpets on the day and time of your choice. Our cleaning methods are highly professional, ensuring deep clean, fast drying and germ-free carpets for a long time. No matter how heavily soiled your carpets are, we can clean and remove stains and dirt as if they were never there.

Over time dirt and debris collected by carpets settle deep into the carpet pile, which is impossible to remove using a household vacuum. This is where we can save you efforts and time. We use commercial-grade cleaning equipment that breaks the deep-seated dirt and rinses your carpet’s fibre, leaving your carpets clean and fresh.

When your carpet is properly cleaned and disinfected you can rest assured of your child’s health when they are playing on the carpet.


Why Use Ultimate Restoration for Carpet Cleaning?

Not only do we clean carpets, but we also focus on utilizing special techniques to prolong your carpet’s life. If you want your carpet to shine brighter and look fresh all year round, we can help.

We have been cleaning carpets in the Yeppoon area for almost two decades now hence our years of experience in servicing homes and large commercial properties throughout the suburb as a local means we can respond to your needs quickly.

We guarantee superior clean and maximum customer satisfaction through our 9-step carpet cleaning procedure.


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Whether you are looking for one-time deep clean or regular cleaning for your carpet in Yeppoon, Ultimate Restoration Services is here to help. Call the professional carpet cleaning experts today!

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