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Weekly Home Cleaning Regime

Weekly Home Cleaning Regime

For many Aussies, our home is our pride and pleasure. We treat it as an extra family member, investing in nice furniture and decor. But what should we be doing on a weekly basis to keep our homes clean?

Here at Ultimate Restoration Services, we’ve created the ultimate weekly home cleaning regime that we should all be getting down and dirty to, to keep our beloved homes clean.

Weekly Cleaning Routine Checklist

As this is a weekly regime, additional tasks should be done daily, as well as larger and more thorough tasks done monthly and annually. The ultimate weekly house cleaning checklist is as follows:


You should aim to give your household a weekly dusting. This includes dusting the blinds, any light fixtures, atop of TVs and any other electronics. Along shelves, houseplants, under tables and cabinets, and inside any storage areas should also be dusted.

It’s important that you clean your surfaces regularly as not doing so can lead to an accumulation of dust. This, in turn, can cause allergy and breathing problems for many, as well as actually opening up the possibility for scratching and other forms of surface damage.

Clean Your Appliances

Weekly, you should be wiping down all your main appliances, especially all of your kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves, toasters, and kettles. Food bacteria can build up quickly, is unsightly to look at and, if you don’t look after your appliances regularly, then it can lead to rusting or decrease in product quality.

Your food deserves the best surfaces to cook on, so keep them clean!


Ideally, your carpets should be vacuumed every week at a minimum. Otherwise, bacteria and stains build up and the condition of your carpet can deteriorate quickly. However, did you know you should also be aiming to weekly vacuum any woodwork and vents in your house?

Like with dusting, regular vacuuming of woodwork and vents helps to prolong the overall condition. With vents especially, you’re maintaining as wide a path as possible for clean airflow to pass through. Nobody wants a musty home!


Though it’s something we all admittedly slip up on, we should all aim to change our bedding weekly. This is to ensure we don’t get a buildup of bed mites and other nasty bacteria or stains, which can lead to an increased risk of respiratory or immune problems.

Plus…you really can’t beat that fresh bedding feeling, can you?


Every week, go through your supplies of fresh food and chuck out anything that’s expired. In the Aussie heat especially, food can rot quickly, leading to food juice leaks, disgusting smells, and a fridge interior that puts you off your dinner.

It also makes room for new food, which coincides nicely with a weekly shop.


Your bathroom should be getting a weekly deep clean. This includes the sanitisation of surfaces such as your sink, floors, inside cupboards, and wiping down those sneaky places you always forget (like under the shampoo bottles!).

Don’t forget to polish your mirror too, as it can easily steam up and smear.

Trust Ultimate Restoration Services

If you decide your carpet is in need of some TLC, look no further than Ultimate Restoration Services. We offer a variety of upholstery and carpet cleaning services so your home can be kept in tip-top condition. Talk to us today to find out more.

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