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Make Your New Years Resolution A Pest Free Home

Make Your New Years Resolution A Pest Free Home

2020 was a year of ups and downs for us all. In contrast, 2021 represents a year of opportunity, growth and renewal. Let 2021 be the year of health, cleanliness and peace of mind by making a new year’s resolution to ensure your home is pest-free.

Pest Control Rockhampton

The harsh reality is that humans coexist with bugs and the alike. Pests will do their utmost to make their way into your home and cause havoc. That’s why regular and effective pest control is extremely important.

Regardless of whether your house is spotlessly clean or a terrible mess, pests of all kinds will manage to make their way into your home. Whether it be mice, rats, ants, cockroaches, spiders or more, all homeowners will have struggled with an invasion of some kind.
Unfortunately, our homes represent a lovely opportunity for food and shelter. To a critter, your home is the perfect dwelling for a comfortable life. So, if you don’t make an effort to repel them, they will eventually take over your house.

Why Pest Control Is Important

Prevent the spread of disease

Pests, unfortunately, spread harmful diseases, contaminating surfaces with their excrement, physical contact and bacteria. Some spread diseases by stinging you or biting you, while others spread diseases through physical means or by dispersing them in the air.. All of these diseases can be extremely dangerous for humans and cause serious health issues for you and your pets.Below is a list of some of the main diseases:

  1. Rodents carry many diseases that can be extremely dangerous for humans and pets. These diseases include Weil’s disease, leptospirosis and salmonella.
  2. Simple house flies can cause salmonella, food poisoning, dysentery and even typhoid fever by spreading bacteria through their excrement.
  3. Mosquitos are known to spread dengue fever and a virus known as Barmah Forest.
  4. Birds transmit harmful diseases such as salmonella and histoplasmosis.

Protect your belongings and home from damage

Pests are infamous for causing damage to household objects and your house itself. If left unchecked, vermin can cause millions of dollars in damage to your personal effects and home. In rare cases, completely compromising the structural integrity of a home. Below is a list of common pests and how they damage your belongings and house.

  1. Rodents such as mice and rats often gnaw through clothes, furniture and can dirty other belongings with excrement and bacteria.
  2. Silverfish are known to consume organic fibres including wallpaper, insulation, books and photo albums.
  3. Moths often inhabit cupboards and create holes in clothes.
  4. Termites and carpenter ants will destroy any wood and can compromise the structural integrity of an entire home if left to roam unchecked.
  5. Rodents and possums can start fires by interfering with cables and even water damage by chewing on pipes.
  6. Acidic bird droppings destroy household materials such as wood, stone, iron and even steel. The build-up of these droppings can also clog up drainage areas such as gutters.

As you can see, there are a multitude of reasons why you should make it your new year’s resolution to rid your home of pests and invest in reliable pest control in Rockhampton. Feel free to contact our friendly team at 0419 266 161 or reach out via our enquiry form.

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