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Five Carpet Cleaning Myths

Five Carpet Cleaning Myths

How many times have you heard a carpet cleaning myth? From urban legends regarding a carpet that fell to pieces after cleaning through to exaggerated tales of carpets that end up smelly, crusty or faded after a clean, there are plenty of fictitious carpet cleaning horror stories out there. We’re here to bust those myths!

Take a look at five common carpet cleaning myths that simply don’t stand up to close examination.

  1. Carpet cleaning wears your carpet out faster

Yes, we’ve heard that before: the idea is that removing all those particles of dirt and allergens weakens the carpet fibres, causing it to disintegrate more quickly. The reverse is actually the case: if allowed to build up, some particles may actively damage carpets, causing them to deteriorate more quickly.

  1. Cleaning causes carpet patterns to fade

We challenge you to use our premium carpet cleaning service and see the pattern on your carpet come up like new. Many people are amazed to discover bright colours and vibrant patterns on their carpet once the dirt has been removed.

  1. Vacuuming is sufficient to keep a carpet clean

Whilst there are undoubtedly some high-quality vacuum cleaners on the market, none of them will remove dirt that’s lodged at the base of the carpet. Even carpets that have a close (shallow) pile will still, over time, end up with allergens and grime settling at the bottom of the fibres. This will gradually build up, year on year, until the carpet is given a professional deep clean to remove it.

  1. DIY carpet cleaning can give as good a result as a professional clean.

This myth is almost always wrong on two counts: the quality of the equipment and machinery used; and operator skill. A professional carpet cleaning company (like us) invests in cutting-edge, heavy-duty equipment that’s costly to purchase. Very few households or offices are likely to get sufficient use from such an expensive piece of machinery to justify its purchase.

Secondly, even if premium carpet cleaning equipment is employed, the correct results won’t be achieved without a skilled operator. Cleaning carpets correctly requires suitable training and experience in order to achieve the best results.

For these reasons, a professional carpet clean is recommended to get the results you deserve.

  1. DIY carpet cleaning can save you money

Unfortunately, many homeowners discover that by the time they’ve paid for a carpet cleaner, cleaning products and anything else they need to complete the job, they’ve already spent far more than the cost of a number of professional cleans. In addition, cheaper machinery and an inexperienced cleaner aren’t going to get the premium results that a professional can obtain. Many people end up having a go themselves, not getting the end look they want, and then hiring a professional to get the job done properly.

Don’t listen to the carpet cleaning myths. Professional cleaning can prolong the life of your carpet, as well as restore it like new! Book your carpet clean now!

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