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Should I Trust Carpet Cleaning Companies in Rocky Who Use Unsafe Chemical Cleaners?

Should I Trust Carpet Cleaning Companies in Rocky Who Use Unsafe Chemical Cleaners?

When your carpet needs deep cleaning, you might be searching for businesses who offer this sort of service. There are two main types of companies providing carpet cleaning in Rocky, one of whom will make their work easier by using chemicals, and businesses like Ultimate Restoration Services, who will do their best to clean your carpets using friendly methods. Majority of the time, you should not trust companies who are using chemical cleaners for your carpets and upholstery.

Do they have the experience?

Chemical cleaning is the easiest way to get rid of stains on a carpet, and that means that most chemical-using businesses do not have the skills necessary to get rid of marks and debris in any other way. If they reach straight for the chemicals before doing any other work, then you know they are not to be trusted. 

It is cheap and fast

Another reason why you should not trust these companies over more eco-friendly businesses like 

Ultimate Restoration Services is that the use of chemicals is cheap and fast – this means that businesses are prepared to use damaging chemicals on your carpet simply so they can get away to another job more quickly. You would not let speed and cost affect other decisions in your home, so why choose this for your carpets?

Inexperienced handling may cause problems

A lot of carpet chemicals are mild, but some companies choose to make use of other types of chemicals which are not suitable for families or pets. They can also leave harsh chemicals on for too long, resulting in fading or bleach spots in your carpet, making it look even more unattractive than when it was just dirty. They do not have the experience to handle these chemicals safely, which can damage your carpet for good. 

Some chemicals are toxic

As noted above, some companies will use chemicals that are unsuitable for your family. These include Naphthalene, and dirt-dissolving solution which is also used as a pesticide. Over-use of this chemical can cause vomiting and liver damage. Other, similar cleaning chemicals can cause kidney and organ damage too. 

Choose a safe cleaning method

If you want to make sure that you get effective but chemical free carpet cleaning in Rocky, you need to speak to Ultimate Restoration Services. To find out more about us, simply reach out to us today using our online form, or call 0419 266 161 now. 

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