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2 Step Package

This package is suitable for lightly soiled carpets or when you want cleaning done on a budget. [ typically every 6 to 8 month]

  1. Heavy-Duty Pre-Conditioner
  • Pre conditioner is applied to loosen soil so that it can be easily whisked away from the surface as well as deep within. Depending on the requirement, we usually apply pre-conditioner to areas, such as entrance ways, in front of the sofa, areas leading to and from the living room to kitchen and hallway.
  1. Truck-Mount Steam Extraction
  • Using this State-of-the-Art Equipment, we release higher amount of heat into the carpet fibre, while generating powerful suction to suck out every dirt particle and grime.


  • All furniture must be moved, or we can just clean around with furniture lying as it is
  • Area must be vacuumed prior
  • All breakables must be removed from areas to be cleaned
  • No Rotary Agitation
  • There shouldn’t be any Plastic tabs or Styrofoam blocks underneath furniture.
  • The basic package doesn’t guarantee stain removal
  • Grooming is not covered

Please Note: In case the carpets are medium to heavily soiled or have coloured stains, additional time, cost and more specialised chemicals will be required.

Giveaway: Dry Vacuuming can be done before deep cleaning to get better results. More than 70 to 80% of dry soil will be removed during this step and that too at a nominal additional time and cost.

Want a brighter, cleaner look for your medium to heavily soiled carpets, Rotary agitation can be a great add-on for you. This ensures 50% cleaner carpet, at a nominal extra cost. Please mention at time of booking to ensure ample time is allocated. Call now to book!

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