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Suffer From Allergies & Want Them Gone Fast?

More often than not allergies are caused by a dusty carpet. In addition, the dust mites that thrive in your carpet leave their droppings everywhere which can affect asthma suffers and many who suffer from allergies. These are the things that even regular vacuuming or basic carpet cleaning with the most expensive vacuum cleaner cannot remove.

What can help and sometimes provide a long term remedy? Get in touch with us to get a quote today!

Professional Steam Clean

Only regular deep steam cleaning by a professional who utilises high-end specialised equipment that can generate very hot steam that can help to eliminate the things that cause allergies. This steam or very hot water (usually over 100 degrees Celsius) can kill many dust mites. The cleaning and extraction process is what helps to get rid of the fine particles of dust that vacuuming alone simply cannot remove. These two things alone can help to ease suffering allergies.

Please understand if your home in Rockhampton is dusty then the carpets are not the only thing that will require cleaning to help with your allergy. Getting an expert carpet cleaners in Rockhampton will help you solve the main cause of your allergies at home.

How Often Should I Have My Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

It’s recommended you have your carpets professionally cleaned once every 4 to 6 months if someone in your household suffers from allergies. Having your carpets cleaned every 4 to 6 months will help to prevent a build-up of dust mites or allergens in the carpet and will help minimise symptoms and reactions.

Even if nobody in your household typically suffers from allergies, it’s still a good idea to regularly have your carpets cleaned to keep them fresh and healthy for your family. This will also help reduce mustiness in your home and keep it smelling nice and feeling clean. Proper carpet care will help remove dust, dirt, allergens, pet hair, and other residues that will help your carpets and rugs stay looking their best and prolong their life well into the future. Get in touch with us to book!

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What Are Allergies & Allergens?

Allergens, for the most part, are fairly simple. When your body comes into contact with foreign substances, your body reacts adversely, which can trigger an immune response. This often shows as a runny nose, red and itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing or mild headaches.

Unfortunately, there is no single cause for allergens – everyone’s responses are going to be different. However, there are a number of causes that do impact many people. These include dust, pollen, mould and pet hair or dander. These allergens can cause quite severe reactions if they are allowed to build up in a small space, such as the carpets inside your home.

Why Choose Ultimate Restoration Services?

Our carpet cleaning professionals understand that allergens in the home can be incredibly irritating and even debilitating if you suffer from severe allergies. With this in mind, we ensure that our services are thorough so that you can gain some relief. We specialise in:

  • We know that you don’t want to be waiting around for weeks to get your carpets cleaned. Not only are our team incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to cleaning your carpets, but they are quick, prompt and effective so that you can get back to enjoying a home that is clean and allergy-free.
  • Our team take as much pride in their customer service as they do in their abilities to remove allergens from your carpets. When you choose our team, you choose a great experience.
  • When you clean your carpets yourself, you likely only have access to equipment that you can hire over the counter or buy from a regular retail store. While there is nothing wrong with this equipment, it doesn’t provide as thorough a clean as you would expect.
  • Our team have access to top of the line industrial equipment that is going to thoroughly clean your carpets and remove as many allergens as possible.
  • Our team have been providing carpet cleaning solutions to the Rockhampton community for over 25 years now. We offer extensive knowledge and experience in the industry that can’t be beaten.

Call The Experts

Ultimate Restoration Services is one of the top and trusted local carpet cleaning company in Rockhampton that provides intensive and thorough cleaning services to ensure that no dust and dirt can cause allergies to you or your kids.  Contact us today on 0419 266 161 and experience how fast a genuine carpet cleaning professional can help with a solution to your allergies.

If you need deep cleaning or more advanced cleaning services, please reach out to one of our staff and experience the difference with Ultimate Restoration cleaning services . We also offer cleaning services for  rugs, leathers, upholstery, tiles and treatment for pests at your office or home in Rockhampton and surrounding areas.

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