Suffer From Allergies & Want Them Gone Fast?


More often than not allergies are caused by a dusty carpet. In addition the dust mites that thrive in your carpet leave their droppings everywhere which can affect asthma suffers and many who suffer from allergies. These are the things that even regular vacuuming with the most expensive vacuum cleaner cannot remove.

What can help and sometimes provide a long term remedy?

Only a regular deep steam clean by a professional who utilises high end specialised equipment that can generate very hot steam that can help to eliminate the things that cause allergies. This steam or very hot water (usually over 100 degrees Celsius) can kill many dust mites. The cleaning and extraction process is what helps to get rid of the fine particles of dust that vacuuming alone simply cannot remove. These two things alone can help to ease suffering allergies.

Please understand if your home is dusty then the carpets are not the only thing that will require cleaning to help with your allergy.

Call us today on 0419 266 161 and experience how fast a genuine carpet cleaning professional can help with a solution to your allergies.

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